Who is organising this conference?
Dr Sophie Boyd (Glasgow, Human Geography), Edward Marshall (Glasgow, PhD student, Linguistics), James Slimings (RCS, PhD student, Vocal Performance), Dr Brianna Robertson-Kirkland (Glasgow & RCS, Lecturer in Musicology), Dr Katy Lavinia Cooper (Glasgow, Director of Chapel Music).

What are our goals?

  • Provide a forum for academic research that focuses on singing
  • Be accessible for everyone with an interest in singing
  • Foster knowledge exchange and collaboration between academic disciplines, and sharing of ideas between academics and practitioners
  • Provide a space that facilitates and encourages practice alongside research
  • Offer an opportunity for networking for and between academics and practitioners
  • Opportunity to showcase singing and singing research taking place in Scotland

Why are we going ahead?

  • Many conferences, workshops and talks planned for this year have been cancelled
  • We wish to do our bit to boost morale and keep busy at this difficult time
  • make the conference more affordable and accessible to a wider audience
  • reduce the conference’s carbon footprint significantly
  • We are invested in finding tech solutions for group singing during the lockdown
  • A virtual platform offers new creative potential that we hope to explore

Accessibility is really important to us. With this in mind we have moved the conference to an afternoon – early evening slot (BST) to allow delegates and attendees abroad to join us live as much as possible. In addition, with permission, all presentations (talks, poster, performances, workshops) will be recorded using Zoom and will be available for delegates and attendees to view for up to 48 hours subsequent to being put online. We hope this will make attendance easier for attendees and delegates in different time zones and/or who are working from home.

We understand that delegates and attendees may have caring responsibilities, especially at this time. We do not want these responsibilities to be a barrier for you to attend or present at the conference. Therefore, we want to reassure you that attending with your child will be supported by us and we ask all attendees to be understanding so that everyone can benefit from a positive conference experience.

If you would benefit from closed captioning of recorded presentations please let us know at registration in the additional questions section.

If there’s anything else that we can do to make Spheres of Singing more accessible for you please let us know via email at spheres-of-singing@glasgow.ac.uk and we will do our best to help you.

Security is paramount and we will do everything we can to make sure that the conference is safe. We will follow Zoom’s and the University of Glasgow’s guidance when setting up our sessions. Only specific people will be allowed to share screen and audio (chairs and presenters for that session only). Only registered attendees and delegates will be able to login to a session.